Our Stepping Stones program is designed to help individuals who are aspiring to in-demand health careers

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones is a student loan reimbursement program designed to provide support to those who have been accepted into one of several in-demand health-care careers.

Stepping Stones participants agree to a work commitment at Mosaic Life Care immediately following their graduation. After the successful completion of their commitment, Mosaic Life Care issues a payment toward their loan balance. 

How It Works

  • Prior to applying for assistance, individuals must be accepted into an accredited program for eligible Stepping Stones careers.
  • Funding is based on the cost of the programs offered locally. While you can attend any accredited institution, local programs determine the amounts reimbursed.
  • Available funding depends on Mosaic Life Care’s projected need for positions in a particular career field. The organization evaluates needs each semester and openings are adjusted accordingly.
  • Enrollment in Stepping Stones is subject to the applicant entering into and complying with the terms of a written contract with Mosaic Life Care.
  • Participants must complete all fields on the application and attach all required documentation. Incomplete applications are not considered.

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