Community Event Calendar Submission

The Community Health Needs Assessment revealed that one of the biggest needs in our community was an all-inclusive community activity calendar. Events on the community calendar are any health-related events that promote a healthy and/or active lifestyle. Please complete the fields below to submit your event.

Events submitted to the community calendar will be put through an approval process before being uploaded to the community calendar. The approval and addition of an event to our website can take up to 5 business days for processing.

Please review the following requirements:

  • If your event involves multiple dates, please select the ADD ANOTHER DATE button at the bottom of the page to add all of your event dates before submitting for approval.
  • Events that are submitted with a date range will be denied, individual event dates need to be submitted as additional dates using the above process.
  • If the event you submit duplicates information already available on the website, the request will be denied. Please review the current Event Calendar to ensure that you are adding a new event.
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