ACES Leadership Project/Community Service

ACES/ACES+ please submit one report for each event location.

Name(s) of ACES:

Project Title:

Start Date:

End Date:

Total Hours (Planning, Participation, Research, Follow-up, etc.):

Name of Organization:

Organization Address:

Organization City:

Organization State:

Organization Zipcode:

Contact Person with Organization:

Contact Phone Number:

Describe the goal and list the objectives of the project:

Describe your participation in the experience/event (including leadership role)?

What useful skills did you learn or how did you refine existing skills?

How might you apply these skills in other situations?

How does this experience connect to your long term goals?

How have you grown as a result of this experience?

How many people were involved? (Community/Audience)(Staff/Volunteers)

What was the impact of this experience? (On you, participants, community)

Would you recommend this experience to others? Why/Why Not?

What would you change about this experience? Why?

Overall, I would rate this experience (select one):

Describe the purpose of the project including project description, problems and community needs met, obstacles encountered, work completed, and your overall assessment of the project (300-500 words).