My Wishes for Care

Everyone has the right to make up their own minds about how they want to be treated if they become sick.

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  • Don't burden your loved ones with tough decisions when you are not able to indicate your wishes. Life is unpredictable, talk with your doctor or healthcare provider about what kind of care you want. 
  • Put your wishes in writing and share these papers with your healthcare provider and people who are important to you. 

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You need to tell the person you pick to speak for you what you want done. Some of the things you will want to tell them:

  • If I am so sick I will die soon or can’t get better, do I want doctors to put me on machines just so my body stays alive?
  • Do I want doctors to give me food and water through a tube if I will die soon or not ever wake up again?
  • Do I want to have surgery, get blood, or have anything else done if it won’t make me better?
  • If I am so sick that I could not recognize or talk to my loved ones, would I want all possible treatments to prolong my life, or would I rather have care to make me comfortable?

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Consultation is available with a professional once completed.

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