Mosaic Life Care understands the importance of promoting a healthy lifestyle with multiple different initiatives that focus on prevention. Through educational programming and hands on learning, Mosaic Life Care provides multiple opportunities for youth to learn healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

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4th Grade Health ChallengeKids in the KitchenCommunity GardensHands-only CPR

The Youth Health Partnership formed in 1997 between Heartland Regional Medical Center, now Mosaic Life Care, and the St. Joseph School District originally focused its efforts on six key areas: immunizations, well child check-ups, preschool preparation, asthma, teen pregnancy and dental screenings.  Over the past twenty years through our partnership we have managed to reduce these barriers to health and education.  The Youth Health Partnership remains successful because of the strong relationship between the education and health care professionals in our community. The partnership facilitates the achievement of education students for success by continuing the role of connecting these two areas in a way that improves the health of students and families to create a health community overall.  

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School and Community Gardens

Community gardens help increase access to fresh produce available in our community to areas that are in need. Gardens are also a great way to encourage learning beyond the classroom. Since the original garden began in 2011 the gardens have produced over 16,825 pounds of fresh produce all going directly back into our community. Learn more about the School and Community Gardens.

Kids in the Kitchen

The Kids in the Kitchen program was created to help educate families on how to cook healthy, nutritious meals with the fresh produce that is grown in the school and community gardens. During the 4-day program, families are introduced to a variety of different fruits and vegetables, as well as new ways to cook with them. Not only does this encourage kids to eat their fruits and veggies, but it makes it fun at the same time. Click here to learn more about the Kids in the Kitchen program.

Hands-Only CPR

5th grade students learn the life-saving skill of Hands-Only CPR to help ensure they are equipped with the skills and the knowledge needed to properly identify someone who is in cardiac arrest and potentially be a link that could help save someone’s life. For more info about the Hands-Only CPR program, please contact us.

4th Grade Health Challenge

4th Grade Health ChallengeThe 4th Grade Health Challenge was designed to help children make healthy lifestyle choices and to create healthy habits. Statistics have shown that when children reach the 4th grade, they begin to make choices and adopt habits that will last their entire lives. Learn more about the 4th Grade Health Challenge.