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Mosaic Medical Center - Albany offers both inpatient and outpatient services including Emergency Care, plus convenient clinics and specialty care services. We seek to improve the health of area individuals and communities and to provide the right care, at the right time, in the right place, at the right cost with outcomes second to none.

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Mosaic Transition Frequently Asked Questions

What about my medical records and Health Portal?

If you do not have a Mosaic portal account, here are the steps to create one:

Go to www.myMLC.com/portal. You will need your medical record number. Once you set up your portal account, you can request your Clinical Record by clicking on the MED RECORD tab. You can also request your medical record by visiting our Health Information Management department.

myMosaic Portal only allows parents to proxy for their children up to age 13.

What does that mean?

Being able to proxy until age 13 means parents/guardians can see all of the child’s appointments, send messages, view provider notes and messages – everything they can do on their personal portal account. At Mosaic, beginning when the child turns 13 years old until he or she reaches age 17, the only thing a proxy can do is see appointments that were scheduled online.

Can I add my child to my myMosaic Portal account?

As a parent/legal guardian, you can use myMosaic Portal to be actively involved in your child’s care. Viewing another patient’s information using the portal can also be called ‘proxy’ access. Parents/legal guardians may ask to have access for children up to age 13. Due to state law, we do not currently offer access to portal accounts for patients between the ages of 13 and 18 years of age.

To submit a child proxy request, please visit www.myMLC.com/portal, log in and click the Add Family Member tab at the top of the page. See screenshot below.

Add a Family Member in the portal

Follow the instructions for Child Request. You will need the following information to submit your request.

  • Child’s First Name
  • Child’s Last Name
  • Child’s Birth Date
  • Child’s MRN (Medical Record Number)
  • Relationship to Child

Are phone numbers staying the same?

All hospital and clinic direct-line phone numbers should stay the same. To reach St. Joseph, Maryville or any outlying clinics, it is necessary to dial the 10-digit number.

What if I have a question about my Mosaic bill?

Your Mosaic billing information is available by calling (844) 261-7266 or visit www.myMLC.com/billpay.