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About EpicCare Link

myMosaic EpicCare Link securely connects nurses, care teams, managers and providers, such as referring physicians, to a secure web portal that provides the information you need to help manage your patient's care. If someone you serve receives care at any Mosaic Life Care location, EpicCare Link gives you the tools to stay connected with their care. Review patient charts, engage in two-way secure messaging with Mosaic care teams and complete other tasks. One of the greatest benefits of utilizing EpicCare Link is improved continuity of care in our communities.

What EpicCare Link Can Do For You

Easier Patient Referrals

EpicCare Link provides the ability to place orders — such as lab, radiology and referrals — into Mosaic's system, while allowing the referring provider to maintain a role in the coordination of patient care.

Real Time Updates

Stay informed about your patient's care — automatic messages allow you the ability to see the latest information about care your patient is receiving. You receive "In Basket" messages when an event involves one of your patients. Examples of events include Emergency Department (ED) arrivals, admissions and discharges.

Interactive Messaging

"In Basket," Epic's integrated task management and communication system, provides a solution for secure electronic communication between Mosaic and community care teams. EpicCare Link users can view messages they receive and can perform actions on those messages.

View Patient Records

EpicCare Link provides secure access to your patient's medical record — demographics, results, notes, problem lists, inpatient summaries, current medications and document uploads.

EpicCare Link Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can we contact if we have other questions?

Please contact our support team at (816) 271-4098 or by email at epiclinksupport@myMLC.com.

What is EpicCare Link?

EpicCare Link is a secure tool that connects approved users to patient information stored in Mosaic Life Care’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Epic. If/when you have a patient who receives care at any Mosaic Life Care location, you will be able to access their information, receive notifications and get the information you need to assist with coordinating your patient’s care.

How does EpicCare Link work?

EpicCare Link is a web portal that approved users can securely access information from Mosaic Life Care regarding their patient’s health care.

What can I do/access via EpicCare Link that's different from my Cerner access?

  • Non-Mosaic providers will be able to enter/schedule appointments.
  • Message Mosaic providers and care teams instead of making phone calls (when appropriate).

Who can sign up for EpicCare Link access?

  • External (non-Mosaic) community providers and their care teams can request access to EpicCare Link.
  • Providers who are credentialed at Mosaic Life Care will have access to “Hyperspace,” the full version of Epic.

How do I sign up for EpicCare Link?

To become an EpicCare Link user, please go to myMLC.com/EpicCareLink or contact us at (816) 271-8181 Option 1, or email epiccarelink@mymlc.com.

Why do I need access?

EpicCare Link provides continuity of care for the people we serve. As an EpicCare Link user, you can view a patient’s clinical history, test results, clinical reports and images. You also have the ability to receive real-time notifications when a patient is admitted to a Mosaic hospital and can securely message Mosaic medical caregivers regarding patient care.

What computer equipment do I need?

EpicCare Link is available via web browser and does not require any specific hardware or software. If you have a device with internet connection, you will be able to access EpicCare Link.

Do I have to pay to use myMosaic EpicCare Link?

No. Mosaic Life Care provides access to EpicCare Link at no cost.

When will it be available?

All Mosaic Life Care locations will go-live with Epic on March 4, 2023.

Is training required?

No. EpicCare Link does not require training. Mosaic will provide Training Guides as easy references to help you navigate the system.

Can I share my EpicCare Link username and password with someone else?

No. You should never share your username and password. By agreeing to the terms and conditions of using EpicCare Link, you agree to keep the information private.

You are responsible for any activity that occurs under your login. It is your responsibility to exit the system when you are done accessing the necessary information.

If you need access to EpicCare Link, please contact (816) 271-8181 Option 1, or email epiclinksupport@mymlc.com.

Can EpicCare Link providers contact the Mosaic provider who treated a patient with questions about test results?

Yes. EpicCare Link users can directly communicate with a patient’s Mosaic care team by using “In Basket." This tool should be used for non-time-sensitive items. It is also important to note that “In Basket” messages are considered written communication which may be subject to disclosure in legal proceedings.

Does EpicCare Link replace access to Cerner?

  • Yes. EpicCare Link will take the place of read-only Cerner starting March 4, 2023.
  • Access to read-only Cerner will remain available for a minimum of 30 days post go-live. Information will no longer be updated in Cerner after March 4, 2023, but you will be able to see past reports.
  • After March 4, 2023, no users will be given access to read-only Cerner.

When I place an order electronically, do I have to look in EpicCare Link for the results?

Results for orders requested through Mosaic Life Care will be found either through your EpicCare Link In Basket or via fax. If your office currently receives results from Mosaic via fax, you can still continue to receive results this way, however, Mosaic would like to encourage practices to give consideration to receiving results via In Basket.

Can the community user view a patient's insurance information?

Yes. The patient’s insurance is under the demographics section.

Are referring providers able to place imaging orders and have results available to them?

Yes. If imaging is available with the results, the providers will receive a link and will be able to view them.