Your Financial Health Matters

Our mission is to make our community a healthy and productive place to live. Our commitment to life care lets us to focus not only on your physical health, but also on your overall well-being. This includes your financial health.

We know financial strains can cause stress, which affects your overall wellness. That’s why we’ve simplified our billing experience to make it easier.

Financial Assistance

Our Financial Assistance Policy is open to all patients, whether or not they have health insurance coverage. We are committed to helping you find a simple, affordable way to address your medical debt, and we will work hard to provide the right solutions for your unique situation and concerns.

Assistance includes:

  • Discounts
  • Payment plans
  • Public benefit programs
  • Debt forgiveness

For more information or if you have questions about your bill, please call us at (844) 261-7266.

Llame (844) 261-7266 para la política en español.

Financial Assistance Applications

Financial Assistance Guidelines

Download a Plain Language Summary of Mosaic Life Care’s Financial Assistance Policy (Español)

Mosaic Life Care is committed to improving the health of individuals and communities located in our region. We seek to provide quality care to individuals, regardless of their ability to pay and have established a financial assistance program to help qualifying residents of our service area, with limited financial resources, in paying for their medical care. 


A patient or guarantor (a person, other than the patient, who is responsible to pay the patient’s bill) is eligible for financial assistance, help or aid based on where he or she lives, gross household income (the amount before taxes and other amounts that are taken from pay) and the number of dependents living in the household (dependents that are claimed on your income tax return filed). 

Residency: To be approved for financial assistance, you must be a resident of an eligible zip code or a student attending school in one of the eligible zip codes. Please see Attachment B in the full Financial Assistance Policy for a list of eligible zip codes.

Gross household income: Mosaic Life Care patients or guarantors with gross household income up to 300 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.


Full or Partial Financial Assistance is given to patients or guarantors who have a household income of up to 300 percent of Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Depending on the patient's or guarantor's insurance coverage, a payment of up to $40 will be due for a Mosaic Life Care clinic visit and $75 for an Emergency Room visit; which may not be included in financial assistance.

Limitations on fees and charges:

Those eligible for assistance will be granted a discount on Mosaic Life Care bills for care that is medically necessary or an emergency, and the fees they must pay will not exceed the amount generally billed by Medicare and privately insured patients. 

How to obtain information and apply for assistance: 

To get a copy of the full Financial Assistance Policy and a financial assistance application at no charge, visit or call (844) 261-7266 to request the information be mailed to you. You may also visit Enterprise Financial Counseling at 5325 Faraon, Entrance 4, St. Joseph, MO 64506 or 2016 South Main, Maryville, MO 64468. The office is open Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

If you need help filling out the financial assistance application, schedule an appointment by calling        (844) 261-7266. 

Definition of household: 

Adults; In calculating the Household Size, include the patient, the patient's spouse, and any dependents. (As defined by the Internal Revenue Service's Internal Revenue Code ) Minors; In calculating the Household Size, include the patient, the patient's mother, the patient's father, dependents of the patient's mother and dependents of the patient's father. (As defined by the Internal Revenue Service's Internal Revenue Code)

Definition of income: 

Adults: If the patient is an adult, “Yearly Household Income” means the sum of the total yearly gross income or estimated yearly income of the patient and patient’s spouse.

Minors: If the patient is a minor, “Yearly Household Income” means the sum of the total yearly gross income or estimated yearly income of the patient, and patient’s parent(s) living in the home. If the patient is eligible for Financial Assistance under the financial assistance application process, discounts will be applied based on the patient’s household Federal Poverty Guidelines as follows:

 Poverty Guildelines Graphic