Student Shadowing Experience

Together, we are required to complete documentation on your shadowing experience containing the name, address and dates of contact with the student, the healthcare facility in which the student was placed and evaluations completed by both the student and healthcare facility. Please complete the fields below OR submit a hard copy of your shadowing experience. The mentor evaluation must be provided to your preceptor.

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Preceptor has copy of mentor evaluation to submit to AHEC?

What did you observe? List at least 3 things

What information or skills did you learn about this profession that you didn’t already know?

How will you use the information that you learned from this experience?

What did you learn about yourself during this opportunity?

How did this experience reinforce or change your point of view of this profession?

Did you see or experience anything you cannot see yourself doing as a health professional? Explain.

Has this shadowing experience influenced your health career choice? If so, how?

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What experience during your shadowing day had the most profound impact on you and why?

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