Job Shadow Requirements

  1. Must be at least 16 years of age.
  2. Must have 4-8 hours available per job shadow.
  3. Must complete the job shadow application process.
  4. Between dates of October 1 through March 31 (flu season), anyone 18 years of age or older is required to have their flu shot with proof of documentation.
  5. Provide proof of COVID vaccination, if applicable.

To complete the job shadow application process, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Download and read the Job Shadow Guidelines.
  2. Complete the MAHEC Participant Registration Form.
  3. Complete the HIPAA Quiz.
  4. Complete and sign the Confidentiality, Consent and Contact (CCC) Form.
  5. Print and sign the Job Shadow Release and Waiver of Liability.
  6. Send the CCC and Release and Waiver forms, as well as COVID and flu (if applicable) vaccine documentation, to the AHEC office by:
    • email at
    • fax at 816-271- 6786
    • in person at the AHEC office between 8 am- 4:30pm. Our office is in
    • Plaza 3, Lower Level, Suite 120, Office 191
      5301 Faraon Street
      St. Joseph MO 64507
  7. Job Shadow Checklistwithout completed checklist and all documents, we will not be able to schedule your job shadow.
  8. Complete Job Shadow Request Form – Please request dates 2–3 weeks in advance.

Once you complete the application process, an AHEC staff member will begin to schedule a job shadow for you. Once a job shadow is scheduled, based on your request form, an AHEC staff member will contact you by email to confirm your shadow. This email will include date, time, location and caregiver you will shadow. If you have completed the application process before, but would like to shadow again, you will only need to submit a Job Shadow Request Form.

Before the date of your shadow:

  • Go to the AHEC office to pick up your job shadow nametag and evaluation form.
  • Contact the caregiver you are shadowing, if applicable, to confirm time and place to meet.
  • Research the profession of the caregiver you are shadowing. This will help you understand the profession prior to your shadow as well as help you think of questions you can ask during your shadow.

During your job shadow:

  • Wear name tag during the entire time of your shadow.
  • Give the caregiver you are shadowing the evaluation form.

After your shadow:

  • Write thank you notes to the caregivers you shadowed.
  • Keep record of your job shadow, including date, time, number of hours and caregiver you shadowed.
  • Use the Job Shadow Reflection Form to keep a written record of what you learned and experienced during your shadow.

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