Mosaic Life Care Hospice provides quality end of life care.

Hello Hospice! A few weeks ago, I had no knowledge of hospice beyond vague general terms. Wow! Have we been informed and blessed to have brought your fantastic people into our lives and home! “Thank you” is hollow, for your staff and nurses are following a much deeper calling than mere employees.

We are so deeply appreciative of the care and respect and genuine concern of each hospice representative during the time before and during my mother’s death; Nancy Townsend was their patient. Thank you for helping us send her on her next journey in such a peaceful way. Thank you for caring for us all. Best regards!

Jane Townsend Kietzman for the Townsend Family

Mosaic Life Care Hospice provides quality end of life care.

The sympathy you expressed with the lovely red rose at Herb’s service was appreciated by our family. Every one associated with his hospice care was kind and professional. However, I would like Crystal to know how much Herb and I appreciated her friendly expertise as she bathed Herb.

Crystal’s care giving suggestions gave me more help and confidence than anyone else. Simply put, “she is awesome,” and I want her to know how we felt! It was also a joy to reconnect with our dear friend, Sandy Davis, but she already knows ho I feel about her.

Bless you all, Norma Clizer

My story is very straight forward. Mosaic Home Health Services are top of the line. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best, they have surpassed the best. Not once, but TWICE, the girls that take care of my sister have alerted me, her DPOA, on conditions that required immediate attention. Without their acute observations and timely notifications, my sister's health would have been in serious jeopardy.

How would it be possible to thank these girls for the care they hold in their hearts for others? Can they be angels on earth? I think so. They are among us.

Thank you, Mosaic Home Health, for your staff of devoted caregivers that have blessed my sister's and my life!

Mosaic Life Care Hospice provides quality end of life care.

Dr. Mullican,

The family of Phyllis Brown would like to thank you, Stacy for all you did to keep our mom comfortable in her last days. 

Jason A, her nurse in charge, took excellent care of her, we can't say enough good things about him.

Crystal was very gentle and kind to Mom.

Many nurses came at night and even through a snow storm to help us care for her. We will be forever grateful for all you and staff have given our family. 

Sincerely, Denise

Mosaic Life Care Hospice provides quality end of life care.

Thank you Mosaic Life Care Hospice,

The Family of Jane Everett

Sister Barbara and Mosaic Life Care Hospice staff,

Thank you for making our mom and wife’s last days comfortable and pain-free. Thank you also for the support and comfort you gave us during her last week. We are so thankful that hospice was there to help us to get through a very difficult time in our lives. Our loved one will be missed very day of our lives but we know she is in a better place and are thankful of the time we got to spend with her. In appreciation, please accept the enclosed donation in memory of our loved one, Alecia “Jane” Everett.

Mosaic Life Care Hospice provides quality end of life care.

Dear Mosaic Life Care Hospice,

Words cannot express my family’s gratitude for the loving kindness demonstrated by the hospice team of professionals. Each day, my mother and I looked forward to the phone calls and home visits. Now, she is gone.

The hospice team we had must move on to other patients. I am enclosing a memorial gift in recognition for the love and care shown by this team: Kathy Lewis, Brittany Clark, and Missy Wiedmer.

Respectfully, Linda Witham

Mosaic Life Care Home Health provides quality care in the comfort of your home.

Dear Mosaic Home Health,

On behalf of my family, I’d like to thank you for the excellent care you gave my mom. She loved her “peeps,” (Stacia, Erin, Angie, Teri, Rachelle and Jennifer) and looked forward to seeing everyone each week. Your advice was invaluable to me as well. I hope you realized what a gift you are to your patients and their families. I miss seeing your sweet faces!

God Bless, Tracy Christie

Mosaic Life Care Hospice provides quality end of life care.

Thank you is not adequate for all Mosaic Hospice did for my mother and for my son and I. Kathy Lewis was an incredible nurse and demonstrated her love for my mother every time she came. Kelly Ramirez did an outstanding job the day mom passed in helping the whole process. Kim Leininger was so good to mom and provided a wonderful sounding board for me as well.

These 3 ladies made mom’s journey and ours so comfortable and peaceful. I shall always be very grateful. Thank you also for the tree being planted in Chippewa National Forest. What a lovely tribute. She would have loved that. Again, thank you for the wonderful care mom received and all the help given to me in making her journey to heaven an easy one.

Georgia Hutchens, Daughter of Marjorie Fletcher

Mosaic Life Care Hospice provides quality end of life care.

We had a patient who was very leery of her hospice team the first day we visited. She was concerned about the funding source of hospice and not sure she wanted to be part of a Medicare program. Her adult children had encouraged her to “try” hospice and see how it would go. The patient was also deeply religious. One of her sons was even a minister. Her hospice chaplain happened to be a Catholic sister. The chaplain explained to the patient that she was there to support patients and their families, no matter their beliefs, and there wouldn’t be any attempt to “convert” them. The patient still wasn’t sure about Hospice care. When the patient’s family convinced her, she began receiving Hospice care.

Over time, this frail, elderly woman was lovingly cared for by her devoted family, especially a daughter and son who were always present when hospice caregivers visited. Over months, a wonderful relationship developed between this patient, her children and the hospice team. We all began anticipatory grief when the patient, at the end of one visit, said, “I may not be here next week.” A week later she said the same thing and she began a steady decline. Hospice was able to keep her comfortable, and provide the equipment she now needed. 

When she passed away, as she had predicted, hospice caregivers and family all grieved. At the grave-side service, the patient’s daughter mentioned to the hospice team they needed to stop by the house. She said there was something waiting for them there. A few days later when they visited, the son and daughter gave each hospice caregiver a “thank you” card. While she was living, the patient had her children pick out beautiful thank you cards for each of the caregivers and she shared her personal gratitude to each one. 

“We each have been so touched by the loving spirit of this woman. Many hospice family members sincerely thank their hospice caregivers after the death of their loved one. However, in my 15 years in hospice, I had never had a patient thank me from the grave. We laugh and cry as we remember how leery she was on that first day and how she embraced us with love and gratitude so completely at the end of her life,” said Sister Susan Holmes, hospice chaplain.

I made the decision to not go back to the hospital. The hospice nurse manages the medications that help my chest pain. All the hospice staff who come are extra nice, and I feel like I've known them all my life. Mosaic Life Care Hospice allows me to remain in my home with my family and my dogs, which peps me up.

Dean Praiswater, Amazonia, Missouri