Research is an important part of cancer care because it helps advance the sciences developed to treat and ultimately lead to a cure for cancer. Learn more about our clinical research studies. Mosaic Life Care participates in several types of cancer research:

  • Clinical drug trials
  • Clinical device trials
  • Registry
  • Historical/retrospective analysis
  • Investigator initiated projects
  • Pharmacy resident research
  • Quality of life
  • Survey/questionnaires
  • Interviews

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are studies that take place in conjunction with a patient’s cancer treatment plan. Clinical trials are the safest and fastest ways to determine how well a new treatment or medical procedure works in humans. They are often used to help answer specific health questions and to see if a new medicine or technology can help advance cancer care. Clinical trials are also useful in comparing existing treatments and discovering new ways to deliver approved treatments to maximize results and minimize side effects.

Learn more about the benefits of joining a cancer clinical trial and some of the myths and facts involved in participating in a trial.

Public Reporting


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