What is Inpatient Acute Rehabilitation Therapy?

Therapy plays a very important role in recovery from a life-altering injury or illness. We offer a hospital-based physical rehabilitation program for the treatment of those who have experienced a debilitating injury or illness. Nursing care is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you have the support and assistance you need around the clock.

As our patient, you’ll have the support of a specialized team that includes a rehab-trained doctor, therapists, rehab nurses, social workers and dietitians. Immediately on admission, your care team quickly works to create goals around your specific needs. On a weekly basis your care team reviews and adjusts the goals based on your progress. Whether you’re in a therapy session or getting ready for bed, your team will support you in achieving your goals and recovering to the fullest.

We know your loved ones are making adjustments as well and may need support during your recovery. We encourage your family members to be involved throughout your stay. Our therapists will educate family members and caregivers on how best to support you during therapy and the next phase of your recovery.

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