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The signs and symptoms of entropion result from the friction of your eyelashes and outer eyelid against the surface of your eye. You may experience:

  • The feeling that something is in your eye
  • Eye redness
  • Eye irritation or pain
  • Sensitivity to light and wind
  • Watery eyes (excessive tearing)
  • Mucous discharge and eyelid crusting

When to see a doctor

Seek immediate care if you have received a diagnosis of entropion and you experience:

  • Rapidly increasing redness in your eyes
  • Pain
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Decreasing vision

These are signs and symptoms of cornea injury, which can harm your vision.

Make an appointment to see your doctor if you feel like you constantly have something in your eye or you notice that some of your eyelashes seem to be turning in toward your eye. If you leave entropion untreated for too long, it can cause permanent damage to your eye. Start using artificial tears and eye-lubricating ointments to protect your eye before your appointment.