Stress and technology

Technology is a daily part of life for many people. Some technology, such as tablets or smartphones, can be challenging to learn to use.

You may feel trapped by technology that you feel you can't fully master. But technology is likely here to stay.

So how can you make technology work for you and not against you? Here are three tactics to consider:

  • Get schooled. Some programs and devices may not be user-friendly or intuitive to people. To avoid frustration, try signing up for a computer course at a community college or through local computer stores. For older adults, local senior centers may offer additional resources. Or you may even find classes online. In a few hours, you can be up to speed and have a better understanding of technology.
  • Be slow to upgrade. Recognize and embrace that new may not necessarily be better. If there's a new version of something you're already using, the new version may be difficult to learn at first. Consider keeping the version you have, rather than looking for the next upgrade.
  • Put walls up. Technology can sometimes be a time sink. If you don't set limits on your online time, you may look up to find that significant time has passed. Excessive social media use also can have negative impacts on your emotional well-being, and may even negatively impact relationships.

Learn about technology, find ways to use it that work for you and you'll be on your way to being a tech-savvy person.