Vaginal discharge

Definition Causes When to see a doctor

When to see a doctor

Schedule a doctor's visit if you have:

  • Greenish, yellowish, thick or cheesy vaginal discharge
  • Strong vaginal odor
  • Redness, itching, burning or irritation of your vagina or the area of skin that surrounds the vagina and urethra (vulva)
  • Bleeding or spotting unrelated to your period

For self-care at home:

  • Try an over-the-counter antifungal cream for a suspected yeast infection.
  • Use a cold compress, such as a washcloth or ice pack, to relieve itching, swelling or discomfort of the vulva.
  • Have your partner use a condom for a week after beginning treatment, or wait a week before having sex.
  • See your doctor if your symptoms don't go away after a week or so.