In an effort to focus efforts on a project that addresses all of the health needs as identified in the 2020 – 2022 Community health Needs Assessment, Mosaic Life Care with direct all of the Community Connect resources to the Urban Mission Collaborative.

Urban Mission Collaboration is a program that will support the top three findings of Mosaic Life Care’s recent Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) and is to be funded by the Community Connect grant process. Mosaic developed the Community Connect grants specifically to address the areas of need as outlined in their CHNA: mental health, substance abuse and access to health care for those in poverty. The goal of the program for the next three years is to coordinate the services, focusing on people who are homeless. Ultimately the plan is a more focused effort to assist individuals to achieve housing, education/training, employment and other identified needs.

Collaboration will include the following:

  • Mosaic Life Care as the main funding and oversight partner.
  • City of St. Joseph Health Department will provide a full-time person to be onsite daily to hold all agencies accountable to the plan. The Health Department leadership will also serve as a link to Mosaic’s liaison for the project to the other agencies. The Health Department will give final approval each month for payment to agencies as they prove they are fulfilling their duties.
  • The Crossing will provide around the clock shelter and a place to access agency services. This includes around the clock staffing.
  • Community Action Partnership will provide two Community Health Workers that will case manage individuals.
  • Pivotal Point will work on transitional housing for this population
  • St. Joseph Police Department or off duty police are included in this budget.

Other wrap around services:

Food pantry
Re-entry center for those let out of prison monthly
Substance abuse counseling
Mental health services
The new Open Door Food Kitchen will be open next door to the shelter.

Because of this new focus, Mosaic Life Care will not be accepting applications for Community Connect for the 2019 – 2020 funding period. If you have questions about Community Connect or the Urban Mission Collaboration, please contact Marcy George at or (816) 271-7021.