"Rural track provides the best clinical experience possible during 3rd year. Besides having great personal interaction with physicians, their staff, and patients, I had some of my best test scores on rural track. I highly recommend it."

— Juri, third–year MU Medical Student

"Returning to northwest Missouri for third and fourth year has been a great fit for me. The physicians and providers with whom I interact treat me like a colleague, allowing me to take an active role in our patients’ care. The Missouri Area Health Education Center provides essential connections between students and providers that result in exceptional educational experiences. The program staff always values student's opinions and solicits feedback to ensure students achieve their goals."

— Christopher, third–year KCOM Medical Student

"I came to St. Joe because I wanted a site that was preceptor based. I was also very impressed by the hospital and the staff during my site visit. So far, my experience has been great, and I feel lucky to be rotating here. Mosaic Life Care is a great hospital that takes good care of its employees and provides exceptional care to its patients."

— Darren, fourth–year KCOM Medical Student

"AHEC was a huge component of my medical education and one of the chief reasons I am here today. From my first day of college, to my first day of being a practicing physician; AHEC was there in support. The shadowing experiences, workshops, student rotations, and connections to the community have helped shaped me into the clinician I am today. I am quite confident that I would not be in the position I am today without the support of our NWMO AHEC. I’m looking forward to working with students as an attending and truly completing the pipeline. Thanks, AHEC!"

— Byron, physician, former MU Rural Track Student

"Not only do I feel that I gained a tremendous amount of clinical knowledge, but I was able to see the importance of communication and working as a team in healthcare on a daily basis as well as the impact medical problems can have on patients and their families. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences."

— Natalie, second–year MU Medical Student

"I have been blessed with the opportunity to participate in the rural track at the University of Missouri School of Medicine. This experience has given me the opportunity to connect with physicians in rural Missouri and live and work alongside them. My counterparts who remain at the main campus for their entire clinical education are not able to see and experience the joy of practicing medicine outside the walls of an academic center, and I would imagine that they are less inclined to venture outside these walls once in practice. This experience is largely made possible by the hard work of the Missouri Area Health Education Center. They coordinate our experiences, ensure that our education is of the highest quality, and help us integrate into the communities to which we come to learn."

— Emily, third–year MU Medical Student

"AHEC has played an incredible role in my education. I have been involved for 8+ years. I have attended countless workshops and activities that have kept my interest in medicine alive and helped me continue to understand the need for primary care in the state of Missouri."

— Megan, fourth–year KCUMB Medical Student