About Allergy Testing and Treatment

Allergies are one of the most common health problems. If you suffer from allergies in St. Joseph, MO, or the surrounding areas, our experienced allergy providers are committed to determining the cause of your allergy symptoms and administering treatments that allow you to live a happy, healthy lifestyle.

To uncover the source of your environmental allergies, Mosaic Life Care can administer a standard skin test that checks your reaction to common allergens like pollen, dust mites and mold. We then mix and administer immunotherapy injections or prescription pills designed to tackle your specific sensitivities.


Allergy Services

Our allergy care services include:

  • Testing for environmental allergies
  • Allergy testing for ages 5 and older
  • Skin testing done onsite
  • Allergy treatments including:
    • Injections
    • Ragwitek and Grastek

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Specialties: ENT

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